Osi Transport Model

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4 OSI Transport Layer
4.1 Roles of transport Layer
4.1.1 Purpose
The Transport layer provides for the segmentation of data and the control necessary to reassemble these pieces into the various communication streams. Its primary responsibilities to accomplish this are:
Tracking the individual communication between applications on the source and destination hosts
Segmenting data and managing each piece
Reassembling the segments into streams of application data
Identifying the different applications

Tracking Individual Conversations

Any host may have multiple applications that are communicating across the network. Each of these applications will be communicating with one or more applications on remote hosts. It is the responsibility of the Transport layer to maintain the multiple communication streams between these applications.

Segmenting Data

As each application creates a stream data to be sent to a remote application, this data must be prepared to be sent across the media in manageable pieces. The Transport layer protocols describe services that segment this data from the Application layer. This includes the encapsulation required on each piece of data. Each piece of application data requires headers to be added at the Transport layer to indicate to which communication it is associated.

Reassembling Segments

At the receiving host, each piece of data may be directed to the appropriate application. Additionally, these individual pieces of data must also be reconstructed into a complete data stream that is useful to the Application layer. The protocols at the Transport layer describe the how the Transport layer header information is used to reassemble the data pieces into streams to be passed to the Application layer.

Identifying the Applications

In order to pass data streams to the proper applications, the Transport layer must identify the target application. To accomplish this, the Transport layer assigns an application an identifier.

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