Osha Master Plan

Topics: Construction, Occupational safety and health, Management Pages: 8 (1880 words) Published: February 24, 2011
Appendix 2


ENFORCEMENT & LEGISLATION  CIDB to issue circular on mandatory requirements for CSHO – to be registered with CIDB/DOSH.  Registered SHO to attend 5-days course to be registered as CSHO.  Government Agencies to issue Circular of OSH requirements in Tender & Contract BQ – to include requirements on SSS and CSHO.  CSHO to prepare Potential Risk Report prior to commencement of work – to be enforced by DOSH.  Daily tool box talks prior to commencement of work – to be enforced by DOSH.  CIDB to introduce Rating System – OSH assessment on Site.  CSHO/ SSS to attend approved CEP for renewal of registration.  Heavy penalties for failure to report accident and injuries (NADOPOD).  SSS with > 10 years experience to undergo assessment (DOSH) prior to be registered as CSHO/SHO.  Review BOWECS  Statutory declaration on accidents and fatalities. TRAINING & EDUCATION  Construction Safety & Health Officer 5-days Training Program.  CIDB/DOSH to accredit Training Providers.  Competency requirement for Construction OSH Trainers.  To organise 12 Seminars on Construction Safety.  Publication – accidents & legal prosecutions to be highlighted in the main stream media (paper & electronic).  Contractors Association to play active role in encouraging members to attend OSH training.  Government enforcers to attend construction OSH training.  Introduction of SSS (To develop module)  Training program for Site Safety Supervisor  Introduction of Specific Training – high priority hazards  To develop Designated Person training program  To identify & develop training for specific plant, machinery & tools  To develop module for senior management program  To develop training for SHC PROMOTION  CIDB to introduce Annual Award for Best OSH for Contractors and Project Owners.  Introduce DIY Scheme (OSH Management System) – CIDB, DOSH, DSM & SIRIM.  Formation of Malaysia Construction Safety & Health Association.  Promotion through electronic media.  Promotion – Safety campaign  To develop standard safety signs  To publicise of OSH precautions.

ENFORCEMENT & LEGISLATION  DOSH/CIDB to establish mandatory requirement CSHO – to obtain SHO Competency Certificate from accredited training providers + CSHO Certificate (5-days training program).  DOSH to introduce CDM Regulations – base on UK CDM Regulations.  DOSH/BEM/IEM - requirements for the same qualified engineer to design temporary and permanent works.  Project Owners to allocate sufficient fund for Contractors to provide PPE for workers.  DOSH Inspectors qualification and experience to be upgraded.  Appointment of other relevant Government Agencies/Consultant to strengthen enforcement – DOSH.  DOSH to review Factories & Machinery (Building Operations & Works of Engineering Construction) (Safety) Regulations 1986 and relevant penalties under other applicable Acts and Regulations.  Contractors to provide dedicated storage area for hazardous substances such as chemicals, cements. Etc. TRAINING & EDUCATION  To develop mandatory CEP for CSHO – 10 points for registration renewal.  Regulatory body to upgrade qualification and experience of OSH Inspectors – DOSH.  Government agencies to organize seminars on Construction OSH annually.  IPTA/IPTS/ABM to integrate OSH subjects as part of of their compulsory curriculum.  Stakeholders to organize DIY Scheme on COSH Management System training.  Senior management to attend OSH management course a year

ENFORCEMENT & LEGISLATION  CIDB – CSHO Renewal with proof of Continuous Education required.  DOSH - Project Owner with contract sum > RM20 million and above to employ CSHO in addition to any other law/legal requirements. Roles of CSHO to be defined.  DOSH – to increase enforcement officers/inspectors.  Client/Project Consultant to produce potential risk report before project...
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