Osceola: The Great Creek War Chief

Topics: Florida, Seminole, Osceola Pages: 1 (265 words) Published: October 21, 2008

Osceola was born in 1804 in Tallasse, Alabama, close by to current Macon County. His mother was named Polly Coppinger who was the daughter of Ann Mcqueen who was part Muskogee. The history of his father though is uncertain. He was either an English trader named William Powell, or he was a Creek who died right after Osceola’s birth, and then William Powell married Osceola’s mother afterwards. Regardless of his history though, Osceola claimed to be a full blooded Muskogee. However genealogical tests show that he was of mixed ancestry which is interesting because as a rule the Seminoles never allowed intermarriage with whites. Osceola’s great grandfather was James McQueen who was the first white man to trade with Creeks in Alabama in 1714 and he stayed there as a trader and Indian leader for the next 80 years. In 1814 Osceola and his mom moved to Florida with the other Creeks where he received his adult name. It was also there in Florida where Osceola became a Seminole war chief. He led a small band of warriors in the Second Seminole War when the U.S tried to kick out the Seminoles from their land. On October 21, 1837 Osceola was captured when he arrived for truce negotiations at Fort Payton. His imprisonment caused an uproar even from the white community. U.S General Jesup was publicly condemned and Osceola was transferred to Fort Moultrie in South Carolina. 3 months later he eventually died of Malaria on January 20, 38. He was buried with military honors at Fort Moultrie.
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