Oscar Wao

Topics: Deus ex machina, Logic, Junot Díaz Pages: 2 (634 words) Published: October 7, 2008
The ending of a novel can be evaluated by the reader in several different ways, however to properly analyze the work is to further explore the logic of how everything has come to be. The ability of the author to show the reader that the ending is reasonable from the preceding action and the character’s nature is what should truly be examined. Not only is the ending of The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz both happy and unhappy, it is logical in the sense that it follows logically from the climax of the novel all while the character’s have been constant throughout, except Oscar. Oscar, the protagonist experiences a life-changing transformation that leads to his untimely death. However, the ending is convincing because of this transformation and it is convincing that the novel would end the way it would. Diaz wrote this novel in a way that kept the reader captivated and interested because his logic can not be questioned.

As the novel is coming to a close, the reader finds that Oscar’s attitude and appearance changes rapidly, he experienced some great burst of energy to adjust his reclusive lifestyle. The sudden alteration in his life is never revealed to the reader, but seems to be more of a “deux ex machina” tactic to go with the ending. Because of the frequent switching of stories and histories, when the reader is reintroduced to Oscar at the end, chapters of his life are left out and he had suddenly transformed. Having been shunned by society during his high school and college years due to his odd looks and awkward social habits seemed to be too cruel for Oscar. There had had to be something bigger in store for him. Oscar even began to branch out from his hermit way of life after the change; he even visited his family in the Dominican Republic where he was driven too far by love for a woman he met. His determination and passion eventually led him to his death but it seemed just right. Oscar had shown throughout the ending an unbreakable...
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