Oscar Pistorius

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Oscar Pistorius is an inspirational man too many, on and off the track and flied. The young double amputee found himself defying the limitations of having no legs, as it is in his strong charter to reject any limitations. His sportsmen like charter shows in almost everything he does. He has been reported to have crash his boats, dirt bikes and a few other luxury toys with speed. “He crashed right through all preconceptions about physical disabilities” Oscar Pistorius…the fastest man on no legs and a double amputee who found no limitations in fighting his way into compete against able-bodied athletes. An extraordinary human and an extraordinary he is indeed, when he also took the life of super-model Reeva Steenkamp. Source #1 Oscar Mistaken his wife for a burglar

It was said to be the night of Valentine’s Day. The couple were known to have very heated arguments sometimes having either of the two leaving the property in a storm and rush. The report says that on the night of Valentine’s Day Reeva was not present and Oscar was alone at home. The South African community is notorious for break-ins and due to Oscar high profile he was a prime target, or so he thought. It was in the early mornings when Oscar heard noises in the bathroom and remotely without warning or second thought fired shots into the bathroom door, where the supposed burglar was situated. The next door neighbors heard the shots and signaled the police. As evidence has shown us it was Reeva Steenkamp who had been shot four times with expanding bullets designed to cause maximum tissue damage. The question asked is, did Oscar really mistake Reeva for an intruder? And if true, Pistorius could still face conviction for murder if the court finds that he knowingly fired into the cubicle, believing that four shots would likely kill anyone in there, including an intruder. Source #2 Oscar did not have a mental disorder when he killed his girlfriend Now that many specifics about the happenings of valentines morning 2013 are clear that there was only one place where Reeva could have been shot and killed, which is in the bathroom of the house to which the couple shared. More specifically the bathroom of their bedroom is where this tragedy occurred. The second Source reports that the South African double amputee Olympian Oscar Pistorius may have had a mental disorder when he killed his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. The trial therefore was put into pause. Oscar was then examined under professional doctors. But the report, which many thought would have been the result, said there was no mental disorder that affected his understanding of right and wrong on Valentine's Day last year, when Pistorius fired four shots into a toilet cubicle in his bathroom, killing Reeva Steenkamp. The conclusion to the case has recently been made. Oscar was sentenced to five years in prison for his crime but will likely only serve 10 months before being released and placed on house arrest. My opinion/ synthesis

Being a South African is one of the most privileged gifts given to me. The rainbow nation. Therefore any current news to me is relevant and of interest to me. This particular subject I would say is most propelling due to the fact it is a sports related subject, and further more speaks of weak judicial structures which I take a high regard and curiosity of. My hearing of a man, I truly respected not only for his achievements on the sports grounds but his commitment for change. His strive for equality. His drive for success and honor to his country. But like most childhood superheroes one must not forget they too are human and the margin for error is large. The shooting was and still is a tragedy. Events like this impel me to learn hard lessons early. As I too strive to be successful. Fame, money and glory are nothing I am shy to pursue for as I believe they were put on the earth for us to enjoy, that being said the problem starts when such finite material things now control you or...

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