Oscar Mayer

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One of the key issues faced by McGraw is that there is a large gap between his projections for next year, and what the manager's are promising him . His goal is to obtain a 15% increase in the operating income from his division (OM, LR and NP). The managers are projecting a decrease of 5.2% from the current year. In absolute terms there is a gap of $27 MM in the projected divisions operating income.

If McGraw were to keep his A&P budget the same as last years, he would save $32MM over the managers' projections. Therefore, one solution could be to effectively use the strengths of the product lines and the A&P dollars by consolidating his sub-divisions.


Comparing the contributions and costs of the three product lines OM, LR and NP as a percentage of the total division's numbers for the three years can give a detailed picture on the successes and failures of each sub-division, their strengths and weaknesses.

This exercise lets us determine what percent of the divisions' A&P budget is dedicated to Oscar Mayer vs. what percent of the divisions operating income comes from OM vs. LR.

Louis Rich Brand

Strengths are growing market segment, "health conscious" segment contributing to the rise in the operating income exponentially. However, a 33% of division's advertising and promotional budget is being consumed for a 24% of total revenue or 14% of division's operating income. While contribution to operating income is exponential, it is still less than 1/4th of the total divisions operating income.

Oscar Mayer Brand

Oscar Mayer brand has been developed over 100 years. It has a strong brand name, brand equity associated with it. It has established marketing and distribution channels. The numbers show a decline in the operating income of 18% over 3 years in part this may be due to a decrease in percentage of division's A&P expenses directed towards OM brand. There is a question as to whether LR brand is...
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