Osama Bin Laden

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Influential does not equate with "good" or "positive" behavior. It simply means: powerful, important, significant, dominant or prominent. None of these are synonymous with good.

Osama Bin Laden lives thousands of miles away, purportedly in a cave, and people are talking about him more than Hillary Clinton who is roaming the streets of New York and Washington D.C. quite publicly, trying to get attention. This is a woman who could be the first female president in U.S. history. Without a doubt then Osama Bin Laden has a far-reaching hand, albeit it in a Darth Vader sort of way. If you consider influential as a way of looking at whether or not a person is having or has had an impact on a group of people, Bin Laden is an obvious choice. He may not impact a person directly, but we must consider the trickle down effect. Those in the military have certainly been touched, and by extension so have their immediate and extended families. The towns in which these families live are full of people who are impacted by the fact that these families live there. In 2003, Time Magazine's Person of the Year was the American Soldier. Would that have happened without Bin Laden? Osama Bin Laden is the most influential person for 2006 because absolutely nothing in our lives is the same as it was the day before we heard his name. That describes a person who has had a profound influence.  http://voices.yahoo.com/why-osama-bin-laden-deemed-most-influential-135775.html?cat=37


Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir interviewing then al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan, in 1997 Information mostly acquired from Jamal al-Fadl provided American authorities with a rough picture of how the group was organized. While the veracity of the information provided by al-Fadl and the motivation for his cooperation are both disputed, American authorities base much of their current knowledge of al-Qaeda on his testimony.[42] Osama bin Laden was the most historically notable emir, or commander, and Senior Operations Chief of al-Qaida prior to his assassination on May 1, 2011 by US forces. Ayman al-Zawahiri, al-Qaeda's Deputy Operations Chief prior to bin Laden's death, assumed the role of commander, according to an announcement by al-Qaida on June 16, 2011. He replaced Saif al-Adel, who had served as interim commander.[43] Bin Laden was advised by a Shura Council, which consists of senior al-Qaeda members, estimated by Western officials to consist of 20–30 people. Atiyah Abd al-Rahman was alleged to be second in command prior to his death on August 22, 2011.[44] On 5 June 2012, Pakistan intelligence officials announced that al-Rahman's replacement Abu Yahya al-Libi had been killed in Pakistan.[45] Al-Qaeda's network was built from scratch as a conspiratorial network that draws on leaders of all its regional nodes "as and when necessary to serve as an integral part of its high command."[46] * The Military Committee is responsible for training operatives, acquiring weapons, and planning attacks. * The Money/Business Committee funds the recruitment and training of operatives through the hawala banking system. U.S-led efforts to eradicate the sources of terrorist financing[47] were most successful in the year immediately following the September 11 attacks;[48] al-Qaeda continues to operate through unregulated banks, such as the 1,000 or so hawaladars in Pakistan, some of which can handle deals of up to $10 million.[49] It also provides air tickets and false passports, pays al-Qaeda members, and oversees profit-driven businesses.[50] In the 9/11 Commission Report, it was estimated that al-Qaeda required $30 million-per-year to conduct its operations. * The Law Committee reviews Sharia law, and decides whether particular courses of action conform to it. * The Islamic Study/Fatwah Committee issues religious edicts, such as an edict in 1998 telling Muslims to kill Americans. * In the late 1990s there was a publicly known Media Committee,...
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