Orthopedic Surgeon

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Orthopedic Surgeon
In today’s society the importance of educating our youth is highly upheld. Education serves as an indicator of the amount of success in one’s future. Without an education the chances of successfulness in your future is slim to none, for the economy in the U.S. declines respectively every year; therefore, as a result the availability for jobs decreases as well. In this time of age in order to even be considered for the job, the level of education you have achieved will be highly looked upon, and it will help increase your competitiveness with others applying for the same position. One area of occupations that would be great to look into equates to the field of medical care. The U.S. relies heavily on medical care; therefore, the demand for jobs in this area will always increase. The study and practice of medicine is vital to our society, for the innovations of medicine allow humanity to continue to grow and thrive. Surgeons are the most highly demanded occupation in this field, and an orthopedic surgeon exhibits a great prototype of a career to pursue if interested in the field of medicine. Becoming an orthopedic surgeon however, is not an easy task, but it has its benefits in terms of helping mankind and pecuniary wise.

To even consider becoming an orthopedic surgeon, one must understand exactly what they do and their work hours. Orthopedic surgeons have to truly love what they do on a day to day basis, for this is not an easy occupation. It comes with hard work, patience, time, and absolute devotion. Your everyday person will not be able to perform the tasks of an orthopedic surgeon. These surgeons focus mainly on the hard structures of your body such as the muscles, which allow your body to move. According to Georgia College 411, “Orthopedic surgeons examine, diagnose, and treat diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system with surgery and corrective mechanical devices” (Ga College 411). Everything that allows you to move, work, and be active is a part of an orthopedic surgeon’s job. Of this list of things an orthopedic surgeon has to take care of, they must aid to the bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves of the human body (Ga College 411). Orthopedics however, can be a very broad field; therefore, orthopedic surgeons are allowed to focus on one particular area of orthopedics. “Orthopedic Surgeon: Career Info & Requirements” stated, “They may specialize in areas such as sports medicine or hand surgery” (Orthopedic Surgeon: Career Info & Requirements). When orthopedic surgeons perform surgery on these various parts of the human body, the patient is not conscious. Based off of “Orthopedic Surgeon: Career Info & Requirements”, “They perform operations on patients who are under general anesthesia” (Orthopedic Surgeon: Career Info & Requirements). Anesthesia sedates the patient, allowing them to be in an unconscious state in which they do not feel and are unaware of any pain. Being an orthopedic surgeon can become very strenuous on the human body due to the work hours that go along with the job, which results in sleep deprivation. One must be willing to be very flexible in their work hours if considering becoming an orthopedic surgeon. They work long, irregular hours and about a third of all full-time physicians work 60 hours or more a week; however, the hours they work may vary within in that range due to the various areas you may specialize in orthopedics (Ga College 411). Orthopedics surgeons are very important, for the tasks they have to complete are very much needed in society; however, becoming one includes long work days.

Now that we have a basic understanding of what orthopedic surgeons do and other basic information in terms of their working hours, we must explore the education and skills required to become an orthopedic surgeon. If you do not have a passion to...

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