Ors Versus Crown Colony Government

Topics: Colonialism, British Empire, Separation of powers Pages: 2 (780 words) Published: March 30, 2011
In order to come to a conclusive response to the question of whether the 19th century debate over Crown Colony Government versus the Old Representative System as a mechanism of colonial rule in the 19th century British West Indies was and issue of democracy versus autocracy. I shall therefore distinguish between democracy and autocracy, and Old Representative System and the Crown Colony Government respectively. Moreover, I am going to prove from democratic standpoint that the Old representative system and the Crown Colony Government are different as it relates to the degree of democracy that was allowed within the two types of Governance. Trevor Monroe asserts that the word democracy comes from the bringing together of two Greek words, demos, which means people, and kratia, which means to rule. Monroe further asserts that in democratic states political rights are recognized and practiced to some degree (Munroe, 2002). Therefore, it is safe to say that autocracy is the opposite of democracy in that it is based on self derived power or in other words absolute authority and supremacy of an individual or group. Moreover, Monroe affirms that in authoritarian states there is no equality in the rule of the law, he goes on to mention that the laws within these states are for some but the rulers are above the law. The most critical point Monroe puts forward is that the rules that exist under an authoritarian system are influenced by the desires of the ruling group and may change from time to time(Monroe.2002).Understanding these two terminologies will provide a clearer understanding to the reader as it relates to the Old Representative System and the Crown Colony Government. From the inception of slavery in the Caribbean to the time of the Crown Colony Government, the ideology of the powers that be (plantocracy or elite) was to maintain absolute power and control over the people who were considered of a lower class (Slaves). To get a better grasp of the architecture...
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