Orphans and Homeless Children Around the World

Topics: Orphan, Foster care, Family Pages: 3 (973 words) Published: May 5, 2013
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I want to begin with one question.
Are we truly Americans?
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You call yourself patriotic for celebrating Independence Day, for obeying the laws, for driving within the speed limit. We call ourselves a “Developed Society”. Yet when our setting foundation is in crumbles. We just sit back and shrug “not my problem”. Slides 3-6

523,000 orphans are in America alone
153,000,000 worldwide are classified as orphans.
Every day 5,760 more children worldwide become orphans.
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These are just not numbers; these are just not facts to be boggle your mind. I am not saying this to earn your sympathy or forged empathy. These are Children, like you and me; unlike you and me, they are orphaned. When we are young, we are a mothers and fathers precious thing. We belong to our parents and our parents alone. Yet unfortunate circumstances occur and the parent is not there to provide the necessities of life to that child. These children are then left to fend for themselves in the real world. The definition of an orphan is a child whose parents are dead. Deceased, departed from this natural world. As humans we understand or we presume we know what these orphans go through. Their experiences and their own childhood has gone right in front of their eyes. Slide 8

This problem is so prevalent, so pervasive. It’s an epidemic. Nonetheless this is not a global priority. Not even a American “concern”. This happens at every corner of globe. And what is so appalling about this; are that children are the keystone of a society. They are the foundation of an evolution. They are who they are….. Children. Slide 9

Yet again these are children who are orphaned who are at times homeless. These are children who have to worry about what they eat being forced to skip meals. Slide 10
These are children who experience homelessness which attributes to severe or even chronic health problems, and we complain about a simple paper cut? These are children who are put at the...
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