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(Oroton,transacta 2013)

(Orotongroup, The Brand, 2013)

A company introduction explaining such aspects as its history, its product, its size, how it operates , where it has already internationalised to (if it has). Include pictures to illustrate your information and make it easy for your reader to grasp.

OrotonGroup Limited (ORL) an Australian-based company engaging in retailing and wholesaling leather goods, fashion apparel and other fashion accessories. OrotonGroup began as a textile design company-importing fabrics from Europe and Japan. ORL owns the brands; Oroton, Brooks Brothers under a joint venture agreement and GAP, under a franchise agreement.

Oroton is a modern lifestyle brand defined by its relaxed, modern Australian approach to luxury. The company has evolved and built upon its reputation for luxurious yet affordable products to become one of the most celebrated brands on the market ever since it was founded in 1938.

The company acquired the Polo Ralph Lauren license for Australia and New Zealand in 1980 and the organisation became known as “OrotonGroup”.

The Oroton brand extends across a wide range of products for both men and women, including handbags satchels and wallets, a collection of sunglasses and optical wear, small leather accessories, wholesale and an Oroton e-commerce website for international operations.

An Oroton design and production team develop men’s and women’s accessories, apparel and lingerie products from the Sydney Head Office.

OrotonGroup today has 500 employees and operates more than 65 stores across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Malaysia. Asia is an opportunity where the brand receives good recognition therefore the company can take advantage of lower operating costs and rising affluence.

A brief summary of the company’s competitive advantage--> its design What does it do better than anyone else? What keeps it ahead of its competitors? What does it say is its...
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