Topics: Leadership, Skill, Management Pages: 3 (298 words) Published: July 3, 2013
Introduction to Leadership: Concepts and Practice 2e Peter G. Northouse

Chapter 1 Discussion Questions
1. The textbook mentions there are more than a100 different definitions of leadership. How do you define leadership? (5 points)


2. Name the six different approaches/philosophies to defining leadership and briefly describe each. (12 points) - Trait emphasis: distinguishing quality of an individual. - Ability emphasis: ability frequently refers to a natural capacity. - Skill emphasis: a competency developed to accomplish a task effectively. - Behavior emphasis: used to get the job done. - Relationship emphasis: leadership is centered on the communication between leaders and followers rather than on the unique quality of the leader. - Process emphasis: used to help people feel comfortable. 3. Do you think a leader employing one philosophy of leadership would be more effective than the others? Why or why not? (3 points) - No because there is a big variety  in


4. Refer to Table 1.1.on page 7 of the textbook. Choose one positive and one negative leadership attribute that you most agree with or that you think is the most important and explain. (5 points) - Positive: Team Builder, important because it increases efficiency as an organization - Negative: egocentric, because a leaders needs to influence followers positively 5. Read the Case Study on page 8 to 9. In what ways does Denny Hill’s coaching exemplify leadership as an influence process? (5 points) Denny exemplify his influence by playing a model in a...
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