Orlando Movie Analysis

Topics: Emotion, Art, Feeling Pages: 2 (636 words) Published: April 29, 2012
Carolina Ortiz
Orlando/what is art? Analysis
Orlando proposes a question that I believe is continuously asked by all of us, what is real? Reality? And all its morphosyntactic derivatives. Is it what we see, and what our senses report as a fact? Well the movie´s great teaching is that not all is what it seems but that reality is pretty much on the eye of the beholder. This is as simple as saying that Orlando was seen as a male during the first stages of the movie because at that time the main character lived in a male conducted society, just after being drowned in loneliness Orlando realizes that he no longer feels happy being who he is so he changes from being a man to a woman and finally feels fulfilled when she doesn´t feel alone anymore after giving birth to a beautiful baby girl. I believe that nothing is so concrete and determined anymore, if it ever was, reality is sometimes what others expect us to believe and sometimes we are responsible for altering some details to bring it closer to the picture we want our reality to be. For example, during great part of the movie, there´s a anxiety to know if the rest of the characters are doubting, as well as the audience, whether Orlando was a male or female raising a morbid curiosity about his/her intimacy but there´s also another different approach to a same picture, what if she was forced to look like a man and actually took a great breakthrough to express her true feeling and emotions, being unable to understand why she couldn´t write about love or couldn´t feel what she was longing to feel, love. Truth is that reality is today, not what was yesterday or what tomorrow will bring, is simply what we see in this very second, it doesn´t require a lot appreciation and analysis other than to take it as it comes, the purest reaction is the closest to the most believable kind of reality, what we see or believe can be altered by so many factors that actually downgrade its purity. Our essence is our reality...
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