Orion Shield Project

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Lola Simpson

Week 2 Assignment Orion Shield Project

Executive Summary:
Scientific Engineering Corporation (SEC) had decided to compete for Phase I of the Orion Shield Project. The Director of Engineering Henry Larsen, wanted to employ an engineer to the role of project manage instead of an experienced project manager. Enter Gary Allison an experiences Project Engineer with absolutely no formal Project management experience. Gary was known around the organization as a knowledgeable with numerous years of Project Engineer expertise. It appears Henry intentional wanted someone with limited Project Management knowledge in the hopes of being able to easily control the situation and to get his way without much resistance.

The ethical and management challenges faced by Gary in the implantation of the Orion Shield Project will be discussed in this analysis.

Gary wasted time doing administer work and did not focus enough attention on properly managing the project. Due to the poor management of time and resources benchmarks were not meet which caused production and cost delays. Henry’s decision to select new materials without consulting Gary was extremely inappropriate and caused major disruptions with the SEC and the client.

Gary should have never been offer the role of Project Manager. Project Management is a job that requires a great deal experience which Gary lacked. Henry put Gary in very difficult position when he offered him the role. If Henry truly believed Gary had the potential to be good Project Manager he should have an offered Gary an assistant project management role. This position would have allowed Gary to learn on the job and gain experience.

A Cost-reimbursable contract would have been a better option for SEC. This contract would have required detailed budgets that indicate the intended use of the funds as this detail helps define appropriate and allowable expenditures. A Cost-reimbursable contract would have better motoring, accountability and incentive to meet deadlines. The saying “lead by example” speaks volumes in this case. In a sense Gary was doomed for failure because he lacked guidance and support from Henry. There were no guidelines set of what was expected causing the project to become disorganize.

In this analysis I will discuss the technical, ethical, legal, contractual and other project management issues which occurred during the execution of the Orion Shield Project. In order to put new NASA regulation Henry felt it necessary to change the strategy of the organized without fully brainstorming the cause and effects of his actions. One of the major mishaps was hiring Gary to lead and manage this project.

Ethical and Legal Issues:
Gary had no project management experience so it was unsuitable for the Director of Engineer Henry Larson to hire Gary to take on seem an important project. Henry intentional wanted someone with limited Project Management knowledge in the hopes of being able to easily control the situation and to get his way without much resistance. One example of Henry using his rank over Gary to be unethical was when Gary mentioned the present model would not support required temperatures over 130 degrees. Henry dismissed Gary’s concerns and instructed Gary not to admit this noncompliance issue with the client in order to maintain the NASA contract.

Even with no project management experience Gary should have known this disclaimer was not ethical and been a whistle blower and reported Henry to his superior. Henry was aware it was “Unethical” to conceal and misrepresent the actually specification results. With this knowledge he still he proceeded concealing and misrepresenting results which resulted in the clients being forced to change their specifications under pressure

In the ninth week without informing or advising Gary, Henry presented a type of new material to the project. Henry introduced this new material in hopes of it meeting...

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