Origins of Classic Rock

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The Origins Of Classic Rock

The Classic Rock format features music ranging from the late 1960s to the late 1980s with a primary focus on Hard Rock, Blues Rock, and Folk Rock popularized in the 1970s.
The classic rock format evolved from AOR radio stations that played popular rock albums from the 60’s and 70’s to present date. One of the Original AOR stations which spawned Classic Rock as we know it today was “Cleveland’s Classic Rock”. This Famous radio station mixed oldies and AOR station playlists to develop “Timeless Rock”; which is what most of today’s youth views Classic Rock as.

The Definitive origin of the term Classic Rock is hard to pinpoint because the term evolved with the way it was used in social and entertainment settings. Therefore I believe the best way to describe how Classic Rock came to be is by providing the core principle of the Genre. The most telling aspect of the adjective “Classic” is defined as something about which the same opinion has stood over a long period of time. Thus, People listen to Classic Rock and feel the same way about it today as they did when it was first recorded.

The geographical origins of Classic rock can be found in most of the major cities of the 60’s and 70’ but the cities that stand out the most are Chicago Illinois, Cleveland Ohio, Kingston New York, and Houston Texas. I believe these cities are the true origins of Classic Rock because of their prominent radio stations that featured Classic Rock and oldies.

The founding genres of Classic Rock are primarily Hard Rock, Blues Rock, and Folk Rock. The degree and specific effect of each genres contributions varies but remains constant in its relation to the emotional response of the listener

Hard Rock’s main contribution to Classic Rock can be found in it’s ability to cause listeners to feel motivated to act about the lyrical content of the song.
Blues Rock’s main contribution to Classic Rock can be seen in it’s tendency to focus on...
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