Original Sin

Topics: Original sin, Adam and Eve, Sin Pages: 1 (306 words) Published: July 17, 2013
Kathryn Fewell
Moral Theology
October 18, 2012
Original Sin
Original sin can be defined as the first human beings disobeying God’s word. Besides the sin of Adam and Eve, original sin describes the fallen state of human nature which now affects everyone that is born into this world. Through Jesus Christ we can be redeemed for our sins. From day one God has loved each and every person unconditionally, but we as humans are not born knowing and loving God. A relationship with God is something that will happen throughout life through redemption and grace. If a relationship does not develop with God then one will never know God’s love. The sin of the first man and woman has established sin for all and instead of knowing God’s love from day one we must actively strive to form a personal connection.

While in the Garden Adam and Eve enjoyed fourfold harmony, but because of their sins the world now lives in fourfold alienation. We go through our lives protecting ourselves and being guarded making it hard to form relationships with others because of our mistrust. We suffer famine, disease, death, and natural disasters that threaten our lives and wellbeing. Even after the tragedy of original sin is overcome by accepting God into our lives, the structure of the fallen nature still remains.

We will never know a world without sin, because humans always are working against themselves by being guarded and not welcoming God’s love. Even though we go through life sinning and battling with everyday struggles, we can know God and his love through Christ that came to redeem us. The way to God is a life long journey and one will fall from time to time but God’s love is so strong that he sent his son for the forgiveness of our sins.
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