Orientation Program

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Orientation Training Program for New Employees

1. Introduction
Orientation is the pre-job phase of training. It introduces each new employee to the job and workplace as soon as he or she reports to work. The primary purpose of orientation is to tell new staff members what they want to know and what the company want them to know. Idaman Development Corporation (IDC) was incorporated on the 01st January 2009 to undertake the development of Idaman area of Taman Ibukota. IDC focuses to plan, develop, maintain and administer all the developments in the area designated as Taman Ibukota in Gombak.
As we know that new employees will suffer from a significant amount of unease during the first few days on the job as they find themselves in an environment and culture that they are not familiar with. Those with little job experience may find it especially difficult without orientation since they have little other experience on which to base their expectations. A well developed orientation program will socialize new employees into important organizational values, whereby their chances of easing smoothly into the organization are improved.
The purpose of this paper is to design a new employees’ orientation training program for IDC, which assist new employees in adjusting to their jobs and work environment and to instill a positive work attitude and motivation.

2. Needs assessment
To conduct a successful training program a need analysis should be done.
2.1. Organizational Analysis
The purpose of conducting organizational analysis is to identify the organizational mission (DeSimone & Werner, 2009). IDC mission is; to cooperate and sustain the relationship with the residents in the area of Idaman to build the area in a socially responsible, commercially viable manner to live.

2.2. Task Analysis
The purpose of conducting a task analysis is to know what must be done to complete a process successfully (DeSimone & Werner, 2009). The new employees’ tasks are;
2.2.1 Attend

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