orgins of anti-slavery and pro-slavery

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Origins of Anti-slavery and Pro-slaver
The origins of the anti-slavery and pro-slavery arguments during the antebellum period and even ongoing into the Age of Jackson had to do with religious, moral and economical conflicts and differences in the North and South of the United States. Many of which were caused by new inventions that lead to industrialization, the new constitution that created new parties and strengthened the Nationalist. In the anti-slavery argument early abolitionists who actually existed before the American Revolution believed that slavery was a sin in religion and some thought it was hypocritical for slavery to be legalized while the constitution talked about equal men. Through the argument of pro-slavery confederate states in the lower south where underdeveloped compared to the north and upper south in terms of modernization of industry. Both the north and south during the 1800’s began to drift in their source of profits and for that reason the question of slavery arise. During the early Nationalist period in the 18th century, there was a power disconnect of ideals of the enlightened and the economic origins of America, where the idea that life liberty and property are natural rights bestowed at birth. This made slavery in particular an embarrassment to the founding fathers of America. The Virginians for example found slavery as hypocritical to the aspirations of the country, particularly because it is considered the home of liberty. Many slave holders in the upper south began to voluntarily monument their slaves during the 1770’s and 90’s. Tobacco product was not being sold as much and so the demand for slaves went down. This falling profit then on slaves in the 1790’s caused the increase of monuments in the Upper South. In 1794 Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin which was largely more adaptable. This created a large demand for field workers, this increasing the demand for slaves to increase and the slave prices as well. The...
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