Orgatisational Analysis on Movie Untouchables

Topics: Constable, Police, Police brutality Pages: 8 (3101 words) Published: October 23, 2011
The film Untouchables, released in 1987 epitomizes the struggle between good and evil in the city of Chicago in the 1930s. Set in a historical setting right after the infamous prohibition law the film illustrates how corruption engulfs all the parts of the government system and gangsters like Al Capone rises and thrives. Until we see the emergence of Eliot Ness, posing as a super hero with rock hard sense of honesty and attempts to cleanse the city of Capone. After much hardship and loss of lives Eliot is successful to put an end to Capone and puts him behind bars.

However throughout the film it attempts to portray the flaws within the government system itself exposing rampant corruption within the police itself as well as the other bodies of the government. What gradually emerges is the corruption within the judiciary, postal services and consequent helplessness of the general public. The film also portrays how the prohibition law itself was a poorly designed law that leads to such widespread lawlessness. We see how negative perception and motivation forces honest officer like Eliot gradually loses his sense of conscientiousness and starts to behave like a god rather than an ideal officer of law. The reasons identified are poorly designed legislation, lack of leadership and coordination amongst the different government bodies, lack of positive motivation amongst the officials, absence of any training for special units like the untouchables.

Recommendation to remedy the issues above include better process from the side of the government before enacting any legislation, measure the job satisfaction levels and design effective incentive system for the police force itself, establishing accountability for special officers like Eliot, arrange training programs for special units like the Untouchables.

I. Problem Statement (Major Issues, Symptoms and Root Causes, Short term and long term) There is a lack of a positive team spirit between the police force and the team of Untouchables, although they are working for the same common goal to decrease lawlessness and bring an end to bootlegging. The police force are neither conscientious of their own actions nor are they agreeable to the actions of a team member! This has resulted because of an inability by the force to produce valued outcomes and they consequently treat any attempt by others to reform the organization with contempt.

One of the major issues facing the ‘Untouchables’ is a gradual loss of integrity which is a result of their lack of faith in the judiciary. Eliot Ness, the protagonist of the movie and so also the veteran cop Malone have become frustrated with the inefficient and corrupt police system that is unable to bring an end to the menace of Capone. In the absence of proper organizational policies that reinforce faith in the rule of law, the team of Untouchables loses its integrity in bits and pieces to do whatever it can to meet its end goal.

Moreover, the cops have not been acting as role models for the law of prohibition that they are trying to enforce. There is a lack of a sense of moral responsibility and respect for the law amongst the enforcers of law. This has so happened out of their lack of faith in the rules of the land. Consequently, there is widespread corruption in the police department which is reflected by their indifferent attitude towards the activities of Capone. This is more out of fear of the might of Capone, the pseudo Mayor of Chicago than because of the greed for money. It is the system of the police department that appears to make the cops corrupt than society itself. Moreover, the judiciary system is supposed to be an organization, which should strictly adhere to the law. However corruption is seen to be rampant in the judiciary under the influence of the power and money of Capone. Greed for money and a team of untrustworthy jury members resulted in the initial meltdown of the judicial system during the trial of Capone!...
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