Organizing the Olympic Games Can Lead to Many Positive Benefits for the Host Country. Identify Two Key Advantages and Discuss in Relation to Hong Kong’s Recent Hosting of the Equestrian Events.

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Organizing the Olympic Games can lead to many positive benefits for the host country. Identify two key advantages and discuss in relation to Hong Kong’s recent hosting of the Equestrian events.

The Olympic Games are a renowned mega event held every four years with the highest number of athletes present. People from entire world come to watch the event. Hong Kong co-hosted the Olympic Equestrian Events in 2008 which share the glory of the 2008 Beijing Olympic and Paralympics Games. Organizing the Olympic Games can lead to many positive benefits for the host country. That’s why Hong Kong would like to be an Olympic co-host city.

National identity can be fostered by a nation winning the right to host an Olympic Game (Ikhioya, 1998). National identity involves social immersion in, identification and involvement with, and loyalty and patriotic commitment to a nation (Ikhioya, 1998). It can create a sense of belongingness among members of a society, which is an important step in post-conflict reconstruction (Thomas, 2004). Waitt (2001) pointed out that the Sydney 2000 Olympic is able to generate community and national pride. Athens 2004 Olympic Games can also provide evidence of national identity fostered by evaluating the motivation of the volunteers for increased productivity. National identity is enriching national pride and pride strongly motivates people to work (Panos K. et al., 2005).

Hong Kong has suffered of an identity crisis since Britain handed it over to China in 1997. Most people prefer themselves as HongKongese rather than Chinese. However, co-hosting the equestrian event can deepen Hong Kong people the sense of belongings and understanding of China. It helps to rebuild their national identity. Patrick, et al. (2008) noted that surveys conducted by Hok Yau Club and the Youth Online Association can serve as an evidence of the increase in Chinese national identity among Hong Kong adolescents. 75% of them demonstrated greater Chinese national...
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