Organizing-Lockheed Martin

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Organizing-Lockheed Martin
Terri Ann Garcia
Management 330
November 12, 2012
Ronald Sprague

Lockheed Martin
Lockheed Martin has functions with organization management with outstanding areas, in

Technology and their methods for keeping up with the physical assets, analyzing their

Companies plan for their production flexibility. Lockheed developed their philosophy known as

Management philosophies called: The Lean Enterprise in 1999 that was what they created

LM21 and Sigma Six function of management. “The ultimate goal here, is to create a

System consistently achieves excellence for our customers, shareholders, and employees.”.

(Joyce & Schechter, p.173). The LM21 was to identifying, best practices for increasing

Efficiency in their company at Lockheed Martin, thus improving their financial, operating cost,

staying Lean by using this method of control system. Other companies were using the system

sigma six that proved to be valuable as early as 1990’s . Their Mission Statement: “We assist LM companies to obtain product sales financing that (a) fits their customer's economic profiles, (b) uses financing strategies tailored to each market, and (c) protects Lockheed Martin Corporation. We utilize our expertise to develop services that add value at each phase of the LM business development cycle. We evaluate and implement new strategies in response to changing customer profiles and market conditions. “(Mission Statements, 2012). Lockheed Martin has optimized their organization to run, thus effectively and efficiently with these control systems in place. “Excellent and the key to a Lean Enterprise is attacking waste.”(Joyce & Schechter, p. 174)” Lockheed Martin has divided and broken into three different divisions, they consisted of divisions of Aerospace defense, information technology products, aircrafts. They made products

for the United States Government Agencies: for both the state and federal areas. The functions of

Lean is to get rid of all waste to run their company, so they adopted this LM21 system. Lockheed Martin's Corporation is a publicly traded private corporation that provides their high technology products and great services to the United States government, DOD, and other international governments for decades. Any manager must always ask themselves…what if ? The Lean LM21/Sigma Six was place to keep control in various processed of elimination. The Lean/Six Sigma principles of process improvement have migrated to every business function: Finance, Business Development, Procurement, Operations, Human Resources, Cash Management, Contracting, and Engineering, to name a few (Joyce & Schechter, p. 174) “Strategic planning is essential the highest level, guiding the corporation from the broadest perspective is strategic, or long-range, planning. The firm’s upper-level managers provide the corporation’s direction, defining and refining its mission in the process (Bateman & Snell, 2009). The sigma six/LM21working for their management team at Lockheed Martin advantageous control methods used for performance and not just for statistic. Methods for action to taken by their management teams are a responsibility, the essence of control system in place, for their management direction, thus to keep their customers happy. Enterprise deals with their mantra of continuous improvement in waste management at Lockheed Martin since their control and planning is imperative to stay competitive in a global market. Here what happens when their company strives for operation excellence they must reduce their performance and they will try to trim the fat by staying Lean. Collaboration is important for when it comes to subsidiaries at Lockheed Martin and communicating globally. In the last ten years Lockheed Martin has focused on their financial returns on Investments. When we look and analyze their financial performance on existing three to five year contracts with lack...

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