Organizing Function of Management

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Organizing Function of Management

The second of the four basic management activities is organizing. By setting up and implementing the correct organization form or structure for their size and their people, a company can fulfill its purpose and make the necessary profit to continue, or even to excel. These structures will more than likely change over time as the company grows and changes, but this is the ‘nature of the beast' and what most of Corporate America have come to expect. The most efficient way to set up a structure for organization and management is to evaluate their employees and utilize the strengths of some to make up for the weaknesses of others. They will find that by making sure that everyone is able to do their job, and just possibly likes doing their job, the process will run much more smoothly and everyone will show up to work more dependably.

Brian's Cabinets
The company I work for, Brian's Cabinets is a very small company still. However, as it is still small enough to be very flexible with its processes, it is also a successful company and one of the best respected in Central Oregon. There are a total of about 150 people in the entire company – the owner, 5 managers, 3 admin personnel (including myself), 8 salespeople, 4 engineers, 20 installation, and approximately 110 production/delivery workers. This is a rough estimate, as the number of production/delivery personnel tends to change very quickly. It is not an easy job and many find that they are just not cut out for it.

Physical assets
At Brian's, the tracking of our physical assets is mainly done by production supervisors. The supervisors for each section keep a running tally and do weekly counts on what they have and what they need in their area. These lists are given to our Purchasing Department (of one man) and he enters everything into the computer and reconciles what we have with what we should have and makes the necessary orders for the next week. After this information...
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