Organized Crime Groups in Miami

Topics: Colombia, Cocaine, Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs Pages: 3 (579 words) Published: August 12, 2009
“Colombia is currently the world’s principle producer and distributor of refined cocaine,

the vast majority of which 70 percent is exported to the United States market. In 1999, the

country refined approximately 520 metric tons of cocaine, representing roughly 80 percent of

global production. Narcotics typically are produced in a three stage process. Coca leaves are

first crushed and boiled with limewater and kerosene making coca paste. Coca paste

is then mixed with sulphuric acid, potassium acid, potassium permanganate (sulphur dioxide can

also be used), and ammonia hydroxide, filtered, and dried into a cocaine base. The amalgam is

dissolved in acetone forming white cocaine hydroxide, which is run through a strainer, dried

and pressed into bricks for shipping.”

(The Illigal Drug Trade).

“Aside from their disdain for Columbian institutions and their long criminal records, Columbian traffickers share other characteristics. They appear to be great believers in fate and providence and seem unmoved by normal considerations of personal danger. It is a perspective unaltered by normal law-enforcement efforts and one that makes dealing with or trying to control them such a dangerous enterprise” (Tulis 1995:67).

Organized Crime groups such as the Columbian Drug Trafficking groups are involved in income producing activities, typically integrated into a bureaucratic structure. Producing money is the group’s sole raison, and typically devoid of subculture traditions distinguishing the Sicilian Mafia and Outlaw motorcycle clubs.

Drug trafficking within Columbia is done with much disregard to the law. Drug traffickers do not have a belief of legitimacy of the Columbian political and economic institutions. “Breaking the law is justified, and not just for the usual economic reasons that criminals favor (Villarreal 2002). Imperialism, along with any other international competitive economic interest is seen to be done for the...
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