Organized Crime and Corporations

Topics: Mafia, Gambino crime family, Crime family Pages: 3 (881 words) Published: September 29, 2010
In today’s society, organized crime has come a long way since its origin. The typical organized crime family is run more like a business. Many have often compared it to a typical corporation, with its own hierarchy, or chain of command. Every person has their own job description, as well as their specific duties to further the profit of the organization, whether it is the mob, or a legitimate corporation. When comparing organized crime and a major corporation, there are both similarities, as well as differences between the two.

For instance, the sole purpose of a corporation and an organized crime family is to make money. They both are seeking a way to make profit. Now, this may be attained through legitimate businesses, or through illegal activity. Taking the major corporation of Walgreens for example, the company makes a profit through legitimate means. The corporation has shareholders, business units, and their own support divisions. Each of these units has their subunits, or subdivisions, which help bring in revenue. The typical organized crime family brings in revenue through several different means. While most crime families have legitimate businesses, most of these enterprises are a cover-up, or a way to launder money made through illicit acts.

The structures of the typical organized crime family and a major corporation also have similarities and differences. Both resemble a hierarchy. They both have the “little people”, and both have “the boss man”. Walgreens consists of its shareholders, Board of Directors, Chairman, and President/Chief Executive Officer. Under these sections, there are two main divisions: the business unit and the support divisions. The support divisions include the Marketing Division, Human Resource Division, Corporate Affairs and Communications Division, Innovation Division, and many others. These specific divisions have their own responsibilities. For instance, the Marketing Division involves everything relating to insights...
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