organizational theory 1

Topics: Decision making, Management, Decision theory Pages: 12 (2241 words) Published: April 25, 2015

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

International Trade

Lecturer: Asst. Prof. Dr. Bekir Emre KURTULMUŞ
Organizational Theory

The purpose of this study is to analyze the economy and Gross National Product (GNP) income of Turkey by using statistical data. This study examines the components of GNP an calculation of 5 years GNP income of Turkey. Keywords: economy, Turkey, GNP

Table of Content
1. Components of Gross National Product6
Table 1. Consumption of Turkey by Years6
Table 2. Investment of Turkey by Years6
Table 3. Government Expenditure of Turkey by Years7
Table 3. Government Expenditure of Turkey by Years7
2. 5 Years GNP Income of Turkey8
Table 5. Gross National Product of Turkey by Years8


Making a decision had been an important factor for individuals in different cases. Individuals have to make choice among the alternatives for the actions that they want to take. Decision making process starts with the occurrence of at least two alternatives. The process continues and it ends up with the choice of one alternative. This process is the simple way of the definition of decision making. Every actions and behaviors of individuals is the result of the decision that they take consciously or unconsciously. Nevertheless, decisions that have to be taken are not always that simple. In some cases, decisions can be uncertain and risky. In this case, decision maker chooses the one of the alternatives by using some techniques. Besides the personal decisions of individuals, there is decisions taken as organizational. Decision making for organizations starts before the occurrence of organizations and it continues with the existence and the management of the organizations. And the management of the organizations starts with decisions. The functions of management is planning, organizing, directing, coordination and controlling. The decision making process affects these functions directly on indirectly. It shows itself in every parts of the management process of the organizations. Manager has to make a decision and be implemented this decision for reaching the aims in every actions. From this perspective, the decision making process has a great importance to reach the aim of actions taken. This study has aim to explain the rational decision making by explaining the concept of decision making. This study is formed of three parts. In the first part, the examination is introduced by explaining the concept of decision making. In the second part, the steps of decision making process is examined and choosing the best alternative is explained. In the third part, rational decision making is explained for theoretical frame of study. 1. Concept of Decision Making

Decision is defined as "choice". The choice made about any subject by manager or any individuals is decision. The concept of decision is defined as an action chosen consciously among the existing alternatives for coming to a conclusion. We can make three inferences from this definition. First; a decision requires a choice action. If the choice cannot be done, it means that it is unknown how to use the Sources. There is not any decision without choice or alternatives. Second; a decision includes consciously mental processes. Some factors like affective and subconscious affect the decision. But it is important the mental direction of decision. Third; every decision is intended for an aim. There is not any decision without any aims. Decisions are developed by solving a problem. It has to be chosen the best tool in this way that has aim to be compared for determining the best tool that is proper for the aim. It is required to come to a conclusion or a "decision" by comparing the standards and the results. It is understood that decision...

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