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When a nurse is hired to work in a facility they are expected to follow various policies and procedures set forth by the facility and to abide by practice regulations set forth by the governing body that issued their nursing license. Nurses can utilize nursing-sensitive indicators in their daily practice to promote safe and quality care to their patients, resulting in positive outcomes. A. Nursing-Sensitive Indicators

In this scenario the patient is a 72 year old retired rabbi with mild dementia who is admitted to the hospital for a broken right hip due to a fall at home and is receiving pain medication. After a week of being admitted the patients daughter visits her father and finds him restrained. She also notices a red depressed area over her fathers’ lower back when her father is being assisted to the bathroom and was later informed by the dietary worker about her father receiving a pork cutlet on his dinner tray. The daughter was upset with the care being provided and complained to the physician.

Nursing- Sensitive Indicators are factors that can be used by nurses to directly impact the outcome for the patients they serve (Sauls, 2013). If the nurse had used what was known about nursing-sensitive indicators the outcome would have been positive for the patient and family. Nursing-Sensitive Indicators use structure, process, and outcomes to develop nursing care geared for the patient and directs the nurse to carry out the care needed for that patient. The structure of nursing-sensitive indicators looks at various aspects of nursing such as staffing levels, mix, experience, and education level (Sauls, 2013). Structure looks at the number of Registered Nurses (RN), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN), and Certified Nursing Assistants (CAN) ORGANIZATIONAL SYSTEMS AND QUALITY LEADERSHIP 3

involved in the care of the patient along with the skill, education, and experience level of...
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