Organizational Structure Mgt 230

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Organizational Structure
Jeff Stewart
MGT 230

Organizational Structure

• Describe the organizational structure of your selected organization. Compare and contrast that structure with two different organizational structures.

Google seems like a logical choice to use for my selected organization. Google is innovative and braces technology while others are not. Google understands its organizational structure well and that is where the innovation starts. Google embraces the fact that they can use the internet to conduct business and can hire in any country that allows this. How does this model differ from Sears? Sears and Kmart merged and are still having a hard time making the organization viable. Sears used to have mail order catalogues available to their customers and quit using this means a few years back. They lost business because that was their staple and this came as this sort of business was booming. They went backwards in my opinion and hurt sales. While Google diversifies into technological areas Sears does not. The company Amazon has seen the potential of the internet and has made strides selling their product to many world-wide. They embrace technology and prosper because of it. If Sears wants to evolve into the twenty first century, they need to use technology to compete with competitors. There are many tools in the organizational structure and technology is just one used for this paper. I think that Sears is a bureaucratic structure in nature. They have changed their organizational structure a few times probably because the board of directors were not happy with the old one and did not see it as viable. Sears is probably a matrix structure now. They need to diversify to compete and picked a winning organizational structure and stick with it will see them prosper in the future. Unless they change, they will not have a chance in the future. Amazon and Google are virtual structures. Some may argue that Amazon is a network structure....
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