Organizational Structure (Green River & Aberdeen)

Topics: Trade union, Organizational studies, Organization Pages: 4 (1390 words) Published: January 3, 2007
In this Individual Project we will have a discussion on organizational structure and organizational culture. We will assist FMC Green River and Mr. Dailey in what strategies will need to be considered to build inter-group relations and further develop the Green River Facility organizationally.

FMC is and has been a successful company for the last fifty-six years. First originated in 1948 and produced 1.3 million tons of various grades of soda ash a year. The success of the first business brought about a second refining plant in 1953, which was completed in 1970. FMC Aberdeen, located in South Dakota with a population of 30,000 is also a successful subsidy of FMC. FMC Aberdeen employs one hundred people, produces one product, which is a missile canister for the U.S. Navy. FMC Green River managed by Mr. Dailey, produces various chemicals, has over 100 domestic and international customers, 1,150 employees, creates several products and works closely at times with the United Steel Workers of America. (Clawson, 2005) "Organizational structure is the formal system of task reporting relationships that controls, coordinates, and motivates employees so that they cooperate and work together to achieve and organization's goals." (George & Jones, 2005, p. 535) Organizational structure is important because it is the foundation for how a company will be run. Aberdeen's structure was simple, staff of 100 people and has only one product, and one customer. The two plants are very different in age and industry as well, with Green River as an older company in the chemical industry, and Aberdeen, a five year-old "start up" company in the defense industry. Aberdeen's structures are placing all of their employees in work groups and are given the authority to make business decisions for the company. They are able to solve problems and appear to have obtained from its employees a very high level of performance from each team member. At Aberdeen while forming these small groups,...

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