Organizational Strategy

Topics: Internal combustion engine, Locomotive, Diesel locomotive Pages: 2 (473 words) Published: October 7, 2008
This paper will present and evaluate the impact of innovation and creativity on the organizational strategy, processes, products, and services of General Electric. Two unique innovative considerations will be identified and explained as to how these considerations apply to General Electric.

Innovation and creativity is the driving force of General Electric’s organizational strategy. General Electric has been a leader of innovation and creativity for decades by providing products and services that make life easier, save and conserve energy, and provide insight into future needs. As a leader in innovative and creativity, many companies must follow suit in order to stay competitive. Consumers benefit from innovation by paying less, saving more, and having more choices.

The first innovative consideration is the production of a Hybrid locomotive, developed by General Electric. If every diesel fuel locomotive in America manufactured before 2001 was replaced with hybrid locomotive equipment, the reduced smog-producing emissions in one year would be equal to removing one third of the vehicles from America roads. If every locomotive in America were as proficient as the hybrid locomotive, railroads could attain a fuel cost savings of $425 million each year (GE. Ecomagination).

Hybrid locomotive technology will reduce air and noise pollution, diesel emissions by 90%, and ground contamination from oil spillage, which will exceed government regulations. Hybrid locomotives will lower operating costs by 80% in diesel fuel consumption. The maintenance costs will also be lower due to fewer oil changes and rebuilding of the locomotive engines. Other benefits would include increased safety standards, reduced operator fatigue, fewer vibrations in the cabin, and less noise and emissions, thereby reducing health claims. This technology will also improve performance in pulling power, Operator comfort and familiarity of the cabin (Northeast diesel, 2006).


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