Organizational Psychology

Topics: Psychology, Organization, Scientific method Pages: 2 (671 words) Published: June 22, 2013
Organizational Psychology Paper
February 18, 2013
Douglas Lalama

Organizational Psychology
Organizational psychology is a very interesting field of work. Within the field it studies individuals work behavior through an organization which is basically “the scientific study” of the workplace. The purpose of organizational psychology is to insure improvement in a workplace. It also can lead to assisting better interaction with employees to create a increased work environment. Companies that use the method of psychology tend to improve the quality of work implemented throughout the company. The research that is used is experiment, observation and surveys. Having a successful organization will ensure that the company has a future. It will guarantee better productivity and job satisfaction within the company. Organizational psychology requires the role of research and statistics to help answer many questions needed. These methods must be used correctly to make sure that valid points are being made. In order to properly use research and statistics one must monitor functions of management. Coming up with good statistics can derive from doing on site observations that can later lead to data improvement. On site observations can mean taking into consideration of what is needed for the particular job at hand then analyzing the employees as they work. The research is doing the background work on the company and the statistics is putting everything into play. I believe that every company can definitely use an organizational psychologist to help make sure that the organizational is running properly. It can benefit the company in many ways. It can help the company through employee morale. If a company is having issues with their employees and in need to see what will help boost productivity, an organizational psychologist can easily step in and resolve that issue. When taking into consideration the company that I work for I feel that the use of an...

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