Organizational Planning: Verizon

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Organizational Planning
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Verizon is a Fortune 500 company leading the industry in delivering quality customer service and products to its customers. According to Verizon’s “Financial Guide (2010), their mission is to “enable people and business to communicate with each other…[by] providing full and open communication to customers, employees, and investors.” With all the great things that Verizon has going for them, it is still of great importance that Verizon continues to move forward with achieving its goals. Verizon should be able to use their strengths to create both a strategic and operational plan. One of Verizon’s strengths is excellent customer service. To continue to offer great customer service Verizon should continue training customers on how to offer excellent customer service. This could be done by offering incentives for high scores or empathy training as well. Code of conduct training should also be given to employees so that they are aware of what is expected of them to be able to relate the company’s mission and goals to their job description. This operational goal will have an effect on the company’s stakeholders. Of course employees will be directly impacted. Management will be affected because they will have to create the training materials that will be used. Also the company’s competitors will be impacted by this change because they will have to adjust their strategies to stay relevant and up to date with Verizon’s strategies. In some cases maintaining the company’s strengths will be easier than turning around the company’s weaknesses. However, strengths and weaknesses can be used together to achieve the company’s goals. In Verizon’s situation they are known for their high priced mobile plans which don’t include unlimited data. Competitors can thrive on this because where they may not have as great customer service as Verizon, they offer cheaper rates that may appeal to other customers. This weakness can be...

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