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Course Manual

Strategic Management and the Strategy Process

February – March 2013

Course Coordinator

Dr. Marius Rietdijk

Student Assistant

Shabi Shafei (
All correspondence please via Shabi.


Coordinator and lecturer
Dr. Marius Rietdijk, assistant professor Strategisch management and behavioral change, management consultant, co-author Slag om de toekomst; director ADRIBA. See: for more information.

Guest lecurers (with reservation)
Martien van Winden MBA, management consultant, director Hoofbosch Investment Fund, former head investment Robeco Germany, France and USA, co-author Slag om de toekomst;

Drs. Renate Kenter, De Ruijter Management, Consultancy firm Scenarioplanning;

Prof. ir. Kees van der Heijden, pioneer Scenarioplanning at Royal Dutch Shell, professor Strategic management Oxford University, author of Scenarios, the art of strategic conversation, boardroom consultant for large companies around the globe.


This course provides the state of the art in the scientific field of Strategic management and the professional application in Scenario planning. Scenario planning provides tools for helping organizations to develop a deeper understanding of the longer-term business environment and its impact on their business model.

The course builds upon the course Strategy and Environment in block 1 year 2. After extensively studying theories, this time you will have the opportunity to apply your knowledge and skills on a real life organization.

In the books and lectures you will get acquainted with different strategy schools and the scientific background of Scenario planning. Simultaneously you will be trained in applying this approach in coaching a board of directors in strategy formulation and implementation.

As you are a third year student, the expectations are high. The knowledge of strategy and management will be deepened, and you will demonstrate your strategic management skills in real life.

Learning objectives

This course has two objectives. The first objective is to observe and analyze the strategic behavior of firms from a scientific perspective. To this end, you will be exposed to scientific research into the strategic management phenomena. We will especially focus on the Organizational Learning approach.

After this course, you will be able to:
• Describe the main approaches within current research on strategic management; • Discuss the theoretical value of scenario planning
• Discuss the value of knowledge and capabilities for the strategy of firms; • Explain whether strategic management should best be viewed as a learning or a planning exercise;

The second learning objective is to apply professionally the scenario planning method as described by (the book of) Van der Heijden. After following this course, you will be able to: • Analyze the business model (succes formula) of a certain organization of your own choosing; • Describe the contextual and transactional environment of that organization; • Generate options for scenario dimensions, make an informed choice of two of these dimensions, and describe four even probable scenarios; • Test the current business idea of the firm in relation to four possible futures (‘windtunneling’); • Formulate a managerial advice regarding the adaptation of the business idea based on the scenario planning exercise.

Number of participants

Because of the large number of participants in this course, it is not possible to give much feedback for the group reports. We hope you have consideration for this. As long as you follow the rules as described in this course manual, a satisfactory mark is within reach.

Course Content

Theory and Practice of the Scenario Planning method


Strategic Management and the Strategy Process: 6 ECT (=160 hours)...
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