Organizational Impact Paper

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Organizational Impact Paper
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Organizational Impact Paper
Innovation can be a hard idea to sell within some companies. Some companies are set in their ways of conducting business, and do not take new ideas into consideration. In this paper an assessment of the impact of innovation on two types of organizations in the home theater retail and installation business of the Bay area of California will be performed. The impact on strategy, process, product, and services of the organizations will also be carried out. Impact of Innovation

The two organizations which will be used for comparison are Best Buy and Fry’s. Both companies offer installation on the home theater products each carry. Other companies like Target and Walmart do not offer this installation service. The service of installation has been around for decades but usually to smaller high-end shops. These shops a client can expect to spend $50,000 to $300,000 and beyond if the wish arises. These are also the shops which have been installing home theater for such a long time. Now bigger and nationwide companies like Best Buy and Fry’s are offering the installation service to their clientele. The innovation was the capability to conduct installations on such a large scale and do it well. The impact on this innovation was Best Buy and Fry’s were able to tap into a multi-million dollar side of the business which is out of reach for most companies. This offering has also scared a great deal of the smaller companies because the much larger companies out there are doing the same thing sometimes cheaper (Best Buy, 2009) (Fry’s, 2009). Strategy

The service in the store itself might need to change. The sales persons need to be trained how to sell the installation service correctly. If they misrepresent the service, this can lead to customer disappointment or worse a return of the whole purchase. After the presale of...

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