Organizational Excellence

Topics: Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, Quality management, Management Pages: 15 (4073 words) Published: December 30, 2012

Research on self-assessment and total organizational excellence is still attracting interest from many researchers. Findings from concluded research indicate that Self-assessment methods are being used by many organizations to implement total quality management or Strategic Quality management. The technique of self-assessment is believed to be useful for any organization wishing to effectively monitor and improve its performance (Oakland, 2003). Several excellence models through which self-assessment is implemented have been developed to suit specific regions

This paper analysed four excellence models that include; the Deming Prize, the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA), the European Foundation for Quality Management Framework (EFQM), and the South Africa Excellence Foundation (SAEF) to determine their strength and weaknesses, and their applicability. The objective was to suggest a suitable model through which the Malawi Prison Service (MPS) should implement self-assessment methodology to achieve organization excellence. All the frameworks, despite that they differ in some instances on areas of emphasis, were found to encourage continuous improvement of production and services to achieve organization excellence.

Following a critical analysis of the excellence models in chapter 2 of this paper, the SAEF model was favoured to suit the MPS because it appears to be designed to suit African organizational culture and its emphasis on customer/people satisfaction. Steps to implementing this model have been suggested in chapter 3 of this report


This analysis paper investigates the fundamentals of self-assessment as a tool of Total Quality Management and examines its potential for achieving excellence in the Malawi Prison Service (MPS). The objective is to provide insight on how MPS can achieve organizational excellence through a self-assessment approach in order to improve its overall competitive position. A comparative analysis of some degree of the key excellence models has been made to suggest a suitable model and best practices MPS should adopt to achieve organizational excellence through self-assessment and assessment of the competitive environment within which it operates. It should be noted, as cited by Oakland (2003), that self-assessment methods are used by many organizations as a way of formally implementing Total Quality Management (TQM) or Strategic Quality Management (SQM) in pursuit of organizational excellence.

The Malawi Prison Service (MPS) is a government department constitutionally established under Chapter XVII of the Republican Constitution and operates within the statutory parameters of the Laws of Malawi to keep offenders under lawful custody. Its mandate is to house, detain and rehabilitate persons committed to prisons by the courts of Law. The Service functions within a broader system of governance of the Malawi government. The Malawi Prison Service is one of the many institutions (i.e. the Ministry of Justice and the Attorney General, Judiciary, Law Commission, Director of Public Prosecution, Legal Aid Department, Ministry of Home Affairs, Police, Immigration and the Malawi Defence Forces) positioned under the Justice Sub-sector of the Democratic Governance Cluster involved in the implementation of the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy (MDGS) through focus areas approach (refer the appendix).

The MGDS provides the overall strategic framework for Malawi development. The Key priority areas of the MGDS contribute towards achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MGD’s). The Development framework of the MGDS is built around five broad thematic areas namely sustainable economic growth, social protection, social development, infrastructure development and improved governance (the theme under which MPS operates). The main tool for implementing MGDS is the annual National Budget for...
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