Organizational Development Paper

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Organizational Development Paper
University of Phoenix
Organizational Psychology
Susan Stevens
November 13, 2010

Organizational Development Paper
Organizational development is a benchmark for a given organization’s success in establishing its core values, mission statement and goals. Whether an organization is non-profit or for profit does not change the fact that both types of organizations need to make the best of all plans and then implement them to make the right culture as well as model of running the business or supporting the cause which this particular organization is used to doing. What is necessary is the most of the work is done by middle and upper management, in planning the projects and yearly goals. When an organization goes through staffing of capital change or depletion, all changes have to be made in accordance with the balance capital as well as the needs for more human power to run a specific position and or functions within various departments of the organization. As organizational needs and business demands shift so do the processes of conduction business and managing the organizational structure. Organizational assessment of needs make it different for every organization as to how the success of a particular organization can be insured by its managers and employees. In industrial/organizational psychology and management sciences’ disciplines, graduated students study case studies and then develop solutions to scenarios helpful and suitable for establishing a policy structure to make the organizational system run smoothly. Theory of change is one theory which states that a cycle of stability and consequent change is imminent always in the life of any organization. It is a stage theory basically entails identifying need for change, making the actual change and then readjusting to the changed way of conducting business. Over all operational evaluations eventually lead to better systems and stable...

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