Organizational Development and Swot Analysis

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Current Trends in Organizational Development and SWOT Analysis ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT
i. Organizational Development (OD) is a field of research, theory, and practice dedicated to expanding the knowledge and effectiveness of people to accomplish more successful organizational change and performance. OD is a process of continuous diagnosis, action planning, implementation and evaluation, with the goal of transferring knowledge and skills to organizations to improve their capacity for solving problems and managing future change. It is a question on how to make and retain high performing and effective organizations. This is what we call: ‘Results from the Inside’. The bottom line is improvements are based on a mix of advisory, training and executive- coaching. We can call this ‘Organizational Development’: implementing hands-on, practical solutions to help companies to improve their performance by making their employees more effective. Organization Development is a dynamic values-based approach to systems change in organizations and communities; it strives to build the capacity to achieve and sustain a new desired state that benefits the organization or community and the world around them. Organization Development (OD) is an evolving field of practice. The definition and principles of practice below are intended to serve as: * a compass for future training and development of OD practitioners; * a ruler for current practitioners to assess their practice; * a base that researchers use to add new or changed principles; and * one of the criteria for clients to evaluate OD internal and external consultants

History and Application of Organizational Development Theory OD emerged out of human relations studies from the 1930s where psychologists realized that organizational structures and processes influence worker behavior and motivation. Lewin's work in the 1940s and 1950s also helped show that feedback was a valuable tool in addressing social processes. More recently, work on OD has expanded to focus on aligning organizations with their rapidly changing and complex environments through organizational learning, knowledge management and transformation of organizational norms and values.

The current trends in organizational development

These are the frequently asked question of organizations:
• How to make leadership teams more accountable for their performance? • How to create and retain high performing teams?
• How to manage virtual, multi-cultural teams?
These questions will be answered with some of the solutions developed over the years. Trend 1) How to make leadership teams more accountable for performance?
In a volatile and uncertain business world, leadership must take responsibility for their performance even more than before. But how to make them really accountable, without imposing more and more ineffective budgeting, cost accounting and other financial reports? In an expert’s opinion making leaders accountable has nothing to do with accounting. It has everything to do with managing people, and nothing to do with managing accounts.

Experts implemented Result Oriented Management (ROM) in many organizations around the world. ROM is a management style, more than system, where the focus is on agreements between employees and their leaders on what they will achieve. It is without doubt that employees are more motivated, and therefore more effective, if they can work on, and being accountable for targets they can set and influence themselves. Leadership will monitor if employees are on track with these targets. Two important rules in ROM:

a) If the employee feels the target cannot be reached, this should be reported to leadership directly; b) When this happens, leadership has the responsibility to help that employee by supporting them to reach the goal. It is clear that ROM has a large impact on leaders and followers, and trainings and implementation approaches are specifically focusing on...
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