Organizational Development

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Organizational Development (BGB4063)
Individual Assignment (30%)

Instructions: Answer All Questions. Dateline 25th November 2013

1. Define OD and differentiate OD from other change programs. (5 marks)
Organization Development or OD is a planned process of change in the organization’s culture that requires a long-range effort and programs that is aimed at improving the organization’s ability to survive and sustain with new challenges that may arise. OD also changes the problem solving and renewal processes for a better outcome. What differentiates OD from other change program is OD focus on developing the organization behavior that will help to prevent problem that might be faced later on and OD also implement total quality management that could help in increasing competitivebess.

2. Explain the FIVE (5) characteristics of OD. (10 marks) Characteristics of OD are:
Planned changes
It is an activity in an organization that is intentional and was planned based on goal-oriented. Collaborative approach
It is understood by participants as a perspective and way of relating, and collaborates with other to adapt to changes. Performance orientation
It reflects the extent to which a community encourages and rewards innovation, high standards, excellence, and performance improvement OD is oriented based of performance. Systems approach
Management thinking that emphasizes the interdependence and interactive nature of elements within and external to an organization.

3. Define and discuss importance of organization culture. (10 marks)
The organization culture is a system of sharing the same values and beliefs about what’s important and appropriate in an organization, organization culture involve many beliefs like the relationship shared among workers, the norms, the way of thinking, doing their job and many more. Each organization has their unique culture and this culture can help in creating the positive and a unity environment, the organization culture can help to improve the efficiency and to achieve a better result.

Other than the unity, the organization culture can help to improve the employee’s loyalty. Through organization culture, employer can keep motivated the employee. Because of they shared the same values, they tend to be more loyal to the organization because of that beliefs. Moreover, organizational culture can help to improve the employee output, this is due to a healthy competition in the organization culture. Every employee will strive to preform their best to earn the recognition from their superiors.

4. List and describe the THREE (3) basic socialization responses and tell under what conditions each may be appropriate. (6 marks) Three basic socialization responses are:
This response may be appropriate to use when we reject of all the company’s value and norms. Creative individualism
This response appropriate when we are accepting only the Privotal values or norms, that is the value that is essential to organization’s objective and reject the other values or norms. Conformity
This socialization response may be appropriate when we accept all the values and norms.

5. Define “satisficing” management and explain what impact Alvin Toffler’s concept of future shock has on this adaptation orientation. (15 marks)

There are four model of adaptive orientation and one of it is satisficing management, satisficing management is a type of management that does only what is necessary to just get by or does what only good enough to get through. Rather that giving the best effort and resources to give best outcome, this management only does what is adequate with average effort to survive.

Future shock happen when there is too much change in too short a time, this can cause inability for the management in adapting to accelerating change. Because of the satisficing management have a stable...
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