Organizational Design

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Organizational Design
Instructor: Kendra Slatton

Organizational Design

“EHR and EMR systems are critical enablers of the quality, process, and innovation demands of the current healthcare spectrum. The ability for healthcare workers to deliver excellent patient outcomes and maximum quality of life” (, 2013, para. 1) are essential in today’s health care industry. PrimeConnect allows health care providers to access complete, accurate information by which allowing patients to receive a higher standard of medical care. The adoption and use of electronic health records (EHRs) can improve patient outcomes due to the potential reduction in medical errors and the increased rate of appropriate diagnoses. Properly implemented, a comprehensive EHR system can provide “success in navigating the rapidly shifting regulatory, payment, demographic, consumerist, care practice/delivery, staffing, quality, and business model scenarios facing healthcare markets today” (, 2013, para.8).

Internal & External Factors: Size

“Evolving incentives are reconfiguring healthcare delivery toward evidence, data, and technology-enabled virtual care teams collaborating to deliver patient and population outcomes with transparency and accountability” (, 2013, para.10) therefore increasing company size has been a key factor in meeting these new trends. As incentives continue to grow, company growth will need to continue to expand to meet the needs of our clients. The need for more technicians to accommodate the ever increasing demands of the health care laws and requirements has continued to rise and as such, caused the need for expansion of offices and growth within the industry. “ “The systems needed to accelerate this transformation must focus on connecting and empowering virtual teams within and across organizations” (, 2013, para.12)....

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