Organizational Culture's Influence on the Overall Performance of a Firm

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Does a strong organizational culture increase the overall performance of a firm? Illustrate a real-life example to support your arguments. Introduction
According to Business Dictionary (2013) , Organizational culture refer to the behaviors and values that contribute to the specific social and environment of a firm. Organizational culture is one of the core concept in management literature .It determines how the firm operate and the value of the organization. Also some research states that it often affecting the firm's success or failure. This topic can help to prove that a strong organizational culture is importance to a firm and hence encourage firms put more resource on developing stronger organizational culture. The main objective in this essay is to identify the effects of organizational culture as well as to address the question of how a company can use these effects to maintain a successful company. In this essay ,importance of organizational culture ,the effect of strong organization culture ,the standards of a well overall performance firm and the relationship between organizational culture and overall performance of a firm will be discussed. The structure of this essay will mainly divided into three parts ,which are the major concept of organizational culture and performance , analysis of agreement towards the statement , analysis of disagreement towards the statement and case study of a successful company . The major concept of organizational culture and performance

In overall view ,Owens (1987) suggest that organizational culture has been defined as patterns of shared assumptions, values, attitudes and behaviors of members over time. In more specific view , Hodgetts and Luthans (2003) have states that organizational culture is set up clear rules for employee’s...

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