Organizational Culture of Starbucks

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Research Paper

Project title: Management 1 & 2


Faculty responsible: Walter Mareovich

Due date: Week 8

Weighting:30% of the final grade for the subject. 70% on written material and 30% on presentation. All presentations will occur on the last daz of class.

Content: A word document including between 3,000 and 4,000 words
non including a literature review of at least 4 sources with at least half not from internet. All materials must come from academic sources.

Project Overview:
To enable students demonstrate their understanding of Managing Culture and how do they adapt it within an international atmosphere.

Overall Aim:
1. To enable students demonstrate their understanding of Mgmt and to learn from contemporary issues that will help them become more effective managers. 2. To enable students demonstrate their understanding of methodology in writing and to learn from the specific issues of writing a paper.

Learning Outcomes:
Demonstrate a basic understanding of using research methods within organizations.

Understand how research approach are going to be effective on business issues.

Begin forming research methodology skills specially those that can be applied in the business environment.

A Company with a strong organizational culture and how it’s Implemented and maintained Topic: Analyze the competitive issue and it's effects on the international business environment, . Purpose: Organisational culture is a term used more and more frequently by management scholars and it is becoming very predominant in today’s business world. The focus of your paper and presentation should be:

What specific actions & practices could be used in business to acquire high levels of performance? How do these actions & practices reflect or not reflect the customers behaviors, concepts & models studied in this class.

The following major areas MUST BE INCLUDED in the written and the oral presentation: Description of the background, traits & skills of the issue. Description of influences on an international context

What can we learn from this issue; guidelines for effective strategies derived from the analysis?

Your presentations should be clear & reflect application of the material covered in this course. To enhance your presentation, visual aids, specific examples & class involvement techniques are encouraged. Attendance is required of all students during all presentations. Each presentation will have a total of 7 minutes for each project and an additional 3 minutes will be allotted for questions and discussion. The written material used for your presentation should be handed to the lecturer one week before your scheduled presentation for screening. This presentation will count for 10% of your final subject average. Remission of documents

During the last day, depending of your class, the following material shall be handed in: List of references including at least 1 journals and 2 internet sources which will be used for the project. A literature review of the information sources used for this project.

All tardiness will be counted in the same manner as explained at the end of the section for the main project.

The following material should be handed to the lecturer on the date of presentation. These should include:

1 electronic file with all your resources used for the creation of your project ( articles, book references, interviews, field search, etc.) Your power point presentation
The word document.

The date and place of the remission of documents will be given to you in class. Any tardiness on the remission of documents will affect your final results of: 25% on the first 24 hours
40% for 72 hours and complete failure of this project if received after this date.

Common Skills developed/Assessed:

MANAGING AND DEVELOPING SELF| 1. Manages own role and...
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