Organizational Culture of Starbucks

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Organizational Culture of Starbucks
Benjamin A Chesney
Com/530 Communications for Accountants
January 28, 2013
Jon Zimmerman

Organizational Culture of Starbucks

Starbucks Coffee Company is a worldwide conglomerate. Their specialty is coffee. In addition to working as global leader of coffee distribution, Starbucks is also trying to be a global leader in responsibility. They want to show and teach the world that positive thinking, conflict resolution, and giving back to the community are things that people and companies should strive to do. Their quest is to inspire people. “Our mission: to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.” ("Starbucks,” n.d.). Starbucks has created a culture within its organization to help maximize their efforts in living up to its mission statement. They have divided their responsibilities into six categories: Coffee, Partners, Customers, Stores, Neighborhood, and Shareholders. These areas represent the culture that exists within this company and the areas of concern to them. Starbucks is very concerned about the quality of the product that they produce. This quality is seen not only in the flavor of the coffee and beverages that they serve, but also in the processing of the coffee beans prior to their use to make coffee. They grow, roast, and grind all their own beans. There are controls for making the beverages that include temperature for making each drink. They have a determination for making the best cup of coffee found on the planet. All employees of Starbucks are called “partners.” This gives the employees the perception that their ideas matter and are considered for the benefit of the company. Allowing company employees to feel and to believe that they are an integral part of the company and its mission gives significance to the employees. By communicating to the staff that they are greatly valued, a vital part of the company, the company maintains a...

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