Organizational Change

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Chapter 1. Theoretical foundations of change , approaches, models, methods and tools 1.1 General definition changes , the concept , the scope of
1.2. Approaches to organizational change
1.3. Models of change management - "Theory E" (hard method changes) and "Theory O" (soft method) - organizational change strategy 1.4. Methods of organizational change
1.4.1. harsh methods
1.4.2 . Soft methods of organizational change
1.4.3 . Integral methods of organizational change
1.5 Reactive and proactive change management


Relevance of the topic . One of the main problems of modern Russian enterprises is their development and change in accordance with the principles of the modern market and the growing demands of the environment. External conditions of the modern organization relate to various indicators of its activity require the flexibility of control , and hence effective organizational structure - as one of its most important elements. Organization and management of the majority of domestic enterprises not only meets the needs of the world , but also the Russian market. This leads to inefficient management , as a result of which the company finds itself in a state of crisis or loss of bankruptcy, which in turn slows down economic development in general and difficult to fight Russian companies with foreign competitors . However, the solution to the problems of development and change organizations , it is important not only for the loss , but also for the successful , dynamic companies . Currently the process of implementing changes in enterprises and companies becomes a new conceptual approach to management. In this regard , of particular importance processes change the whole system functioning of the enterprise and its organizational structure , including the processes , people , consumers, as well as various models and methods for their practical implementation . Chapter 1. Theoretical foundations of change , approaches, models, methods and tools

1.1 General definition changes , the concept , the scope of

Changes in the organization due to the reaction of the organization on the development environment (communication, requirements and capabilities ) . Organizations must constantly adapt to the environment in which there are . They themselves also generate changes in the external environment , developing and launching new products and technologies , which become dominant and are widely disseminated. Change itself - it is a gradual or step translation process organization to the next level by using existing ideas and concepts. The organizational changes include :

- In the basic structure - the nature and level of business activity , legal structure , ownership , financing , international operations and their impact , diversification , mergers, joint ventures; - In the objectives and activities - range of products and a set of services, new markets , customers and suppliers ; - In applied technology - equipment , tools, materials and energy processes , Office Technology ; - In administrative structures and processes - internal organization , work processes , decision-making processes and management information systems; - Organizational culture - values, traditions , informal relationships , motives and processes , leadership style ; - In people - management and staff , their competence , motivation, behavior and work efficiency ; - The effectiveness of the organization - financial, economic , social and other indicators to assess the organization relationship with the environment, their tasks and new opportunities ; - The organization's prestige in the business community and society. The concept of change management includes various aspects - technological , structural , methodological , human , psychological , political, financial and others. Traditionally presented as a strategic change is not frequent , sometimes a single , large-scale change . However, in recent...
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