Organizational Change

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Organizational Change
Organizational transformation is required with major business change initiative and it impacts most of the organization. It fundamentally changes the structures and ways of doing business. Since it is large in scope, it is difficult to accomplish. The success of the business initiative is dependent on the success of the organization transformation. For the organization transformation to occur a change process must be utilized. The change process insures that there is acceptance of the new way of doing business. The sooner there is acceptance and commitment, the sooner business results will occur. There are three levels involved in the change process. The three levels are leadership, business improvement project teams, and individual / group transformation (stakeholders). In order to lead change, each level has to experience their own change process. In order to change, there must be dissatisfaction with the current state, a vision of the improved future, and a plan to achieve the future state. All of this must be greater than the resistance to change. Each level has a key role to play in the change leadership process. Leadership must provide the understanding of why we must change. The project teams provide the what. The stakeholder must provide the detail of how. All the levels should be considered from the beginning and throughout the transformation. All three levels must interact for the change to be successful. If one level is ignored or not integrated to the other two, the loss of business results and failure of the organization transformation occurs. Resistance to the change is to be expected by some stakeholders but not accepted. Compliance to the change is no longer sufficient. Commitment to the change is what is required of each stakeholder to achieve the business results. The basic goal of transformation is to change the context of the stakeholders from fear/resistance to engagement/involvement. The individual...
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