Organizational Behavrio: 9 to 5 Movie Analysis

Topics: Employment, Working time, Work Pages: 6 (2560 words) Published: December 3, 2013
At start of the movie, one of the black employees in the organization says that he hates his job and has never been promoted despite constant efforts to maximize his productivity. Too many rules and regulations were introduced in the workplace, “office that looks efficient is efficient.” Women don’t get promotion to top level easily, violet had been working since last 12 years but her trainee got promoted faster than she did because the trainee was male. According to Mr. Hart teamwork experience is learned from the game of football, since women don’t play football they are unaware of how to work in a team, this reflected negatively amongst many employees and Violet’s temper increased day-by-day, she told Mr. Hart’s assistant when she was assigned a task to deliver few paper, “I know exactly where to stick it up,” indicating her frustrations towards work. Mr. Hart purposely threw pencil case down when his assistant was writing a letter, he wanted her to bend so he could she her cleavage. He was a flirt and took the best advantage of his higher position. He later pretended to help her by helping her pick few pencil of the floor trying to show that he actually cared, his intentions were to impress her and make her indulged in sexual relationships with him. However he did have feelings for Doralee and was not strictly for sexual pleasure, not that they ever indulged in one. Violet, “playing it safe” when Hart presented her idea to the president of the company without giving her any credits, she dint react immediately because she wanted the promotion that only Hart could provide. Later Bob gets promoted and not her, “clients like to deal with men,” increasing her frustrations towards Mr. Hart. Her relationship with her son is unique in comparison to most of the relationship that mother and child hold. She is open about smoking joints with and in front of her son; in fact her son rolled a joint for her so she would calm down from workplace frustrations. Violet smokes marijuana in the office bathroom, she is open to take risks. When Violet, Judy and Doralee smoke together, they hallucinate about killing/torturing Hart, this depicts like a revolution against the upper class by the common people. All three became friends due to one common factor and that was their hatred towards Hart. “I know how you feel,” Roz told Violet when Hart was admitted in the hospital. Roz thought that Violet was upset and she was concerned about Mr. Hart’s health, but in reality she was concerned about herself and figuring a way out of the mess she had created. She accidently put “rat-poison” in Hart’s coffee, soon after which Mr. Hart had lost consciousness and was admitted in the hospital. Doralee on the other hand played her part as an employee and immediately called for ambulance to seek help even though had spread false rumors about her and was constantly harassing her knowing that she was married and not interested. Doralee was an active employee and completed her tasks successfully even though she was harassed constantly. Work was her priority and she was good at her work, she played a critical role when she tied up Mr. Hart in the office when he accused her and her friends for attempted murder towards him. She tried to explain the whole situation calmly, but Mr. Hart was unwilling to listen, he instead told her to visit him at his place. This was against her values especially as a wife and circumstances forced her to engage in such behaviors. Difference between how the three women treat him and how they were treated in the organization varies enormously. In office work is supposed to be considered fun, this has resulted in long hours of torture and monotonous tasks. Employees working in this organization feel like they have been prisoned during working hours. However these three women after chaining him down like a prisoner and keeping him within four walls provided Mr. Hart with magazines, television and cigars for entertainment along with...
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