Organizational Behaviour Report on “Leadership and Motivation”

Topics: Leadership, Management, Motivation Pages: 7 (2267 words) Published: June 20, 2013

SUBMITTED TO: Mrs. Homayara Latifa Ahmed Assistant Professor Institute of Business Administration University of Dhaka

SUBMITTED BY: Jidny Rubaiyat Shoummo (ZR- 85) Arko Ashraf (ZR- 88) Sudipta Saha Turja (ZR- 95) Musharrat Rahman Chandrika (RH- 97) Md. Montasirul Islam (ZR- 115)

DATE OF SUBMISSION: 6th January, 2013


The business leader we have chosen is basically responsible for most of the CSR (corporate social responsibility) activities of the company that he belongs to. The company belongs to the oil, petroleum and gas industry -- an area that is grossly associated with polluting our environment and our society. As a result, social responsibility is a very crucial part of the company’s dynamics. In order to lead different programs in this sector, a leader has to be responsible, able to take quick but calculated decisions, willing to take up challenges and mostly, willing to work for the people. All of this will require a leader who has good communication skills as his vision has to become the team’s vision as well in order for such projects to work. One of the limitations of this report is that it does not contain the name of the leader, the name of the company and his position in the company. He has disallowed us to refer to these in the report.

Analysis of the chosen business leader in terms of the different leadership models has been done in a few steps by classifying him under the different models and theories which have been elaborated below.

The leader we have chosen basically believes that there are three main ways to being a good leader and carrying out his duties properly:    Having a vision Developing a plan Inspiring the people to do what they have to do

Keeping the above in mind we can contribute his leadership style to this theory. A good leader must first have a clear vision of what the goal is and how it must be attained. When it comes to corporate social responsibility, the path may seem difficult but once the goal is attained the feeling is more than rewarding and it is an emotion he prefers to share with his team members. And in order to be able to do that he must have very strong connections with the team members and build up sustainable group dynamics. This he does by sharing his visions with his team members. That way they feel like a part of it and will be inspired to put in greater effort if his ideas are properly communicated. From this we can mainly classify him into supportive and participative leadership styles but he does fall into the directive category too, but only slightly.

a) Supportive leadership:
A leader should be able to communicate his goals properly to his team members and once that is done, the rest can be taken care of by them if they can truly connect with what they are doing. The people who follow him will feel like it is their responsibility to get it done well, something that refers to his referent power. He believes he can truly connect with his subordinates on not just the professional level but also on an emotional level as the people around him respect him. For a leader respect is very important and it can only be earned if he can show the same amount of respect to those around him. He says that the doors to his room are always open, whether it is a work related or personal. By creating an easy going and supportive environment he makes sure his team members never lack in motivation. Not only that, an


important attribute of being a supportive leader is the willingness to take responsibility for the mistakes the team members makes and taking initiatives to justify them. “You can never be in denial of your responsibilities if you are to be a good leader”. He respects the diversity that makes up a team. As a matter of fact he believes that it is individual differences and weaknesses that, in...
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