Organizational Behaviour in a Team of Four

Pages: 2 (599 words) Published: August 31, 2010
Initially, 4 P’s and a J was merely a group, just five people assembled together with a unifying relationship of being in the same Organizational Behavior discussion section. During the fourth week of the semester, a meeting to begin on the “Team Informative Presentation” began to change this environment into a more team-based feeling. An idea about performing a skit for our presentation excited us all and drove us towards interacting to achieve the common objective of giving our audience an original and funny presentation. This key aspect towards the development as a team also provided us with morale, a congruent motivation because of the desire to achieve a common goal.

Recently, more detailed and demanding assignments, such as the “Performance & Project Plan,” required more team-based characteristics. Throughout our initial meetings to broadly discuss our projects and the styles in which we wanted to complete them, we all realized that from prior team experiences, every one of us agreed that division of labor was most appropriate. Having lunch together and meeting at the beginning of the semester not only was a great way for introducing ourselves, but also provided for feedback on what tasks each team member is better at. In preparing our team contract, roles were assigned according to these observations and the abilities each member has. We analyzed how the MBTA types are distributed among our team, which allowed us to determine who is, for example, prone to paying attention to minimal details in deliverables. So far, the team has done excellently by dividing the work and assigning roles, such as that of a Gatekeeper, Coordinator, and Mediator. Every team member’s very noticeable need for achievement (nACH) and need for affiliation (nAFF) also influences enormously the functioning of the team. Our team members are motivated to provide the best input yet at the same time, interact in a manner that trust is maintained between all of us.

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