Organizational Behaviour Case Study

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Mr. Ashok and Mr. Roy are very close friends and have known each other for 10 years. Roy and Ashok used to work in the same company but 6 months before, Roy joined another company.

12/3/2005……. Phone call ringing….
Roy: Hello Ashok, can you meet me tomorrow evening there is a serious issue I am facing. Ashok: You sound serious, but I am afraid, I can pay you time tomorrow. Is it possible to meet this weekend? Roy: Yes, no problem. See you then this weekend.

The day of meeting……..

Ashok: Hi Roy, please come in
Roy: Good morning.
Ashok: You seem to be quite serious, any problem.
Roy: Yes, I am having some. There is an issue where I am directly in conflict with the interests of my boss. I am at a total loss about whom to listen to, in this proposition. I think I will not challenge the boss. It's difficult and risky to question for an employee asking about the appropriateness of his boss. As an internal employee, I feel that speaking up could've had political or even career-derailing consequences. Ashok: If I would be in your position I'd also feel that it's a greater potential risk to my credibility to be perceived as a traitor for the company. But I think your stance must be consistent with company's standards on Ethics and Integrity, which states that we must not mix our personal things with professional standards. Let me share my brother’s experience, Sameer.

3 years before:-

Mr. Sameer Sharma was working as a Credit Manager in the Processing Cell of a leading public sector bank. He was working in this domain for past 20 years and had vast experience in sanctioning loan proposals. He had been awarded by the bank for his great performance in credit section. He had always been honest and dutiful towards his work. Since he had joined the bank, he had been an asset as far as the credit business of the bank was concerned.

A local branch of the bank marketed a proposal of a Housing Loan. The applicant Mr. Kumar was a Senior District Forest Officer. The branch had also the account of the Forest department which was a source of business for the branch. Mr. Kumar wanted to obtain Housing loan without submitting proper title deed of the property. He wanted to utilize his powerful status in the society to avail the loan facility. In addition, he had also promised Mr. Shah, the branch manager that the Forest Department will ensure that the business of branch will increase by providing more and more deposits. Without preliminary scrutiny, the branch manager Mr. Shah forwarded the proposal to the Processing Cell.

When the AGM of the Processing Cell, Mr. Joshi received the proposal, he forwarded it to his most efficient and trustworthy officer Sameer for proper scrutiny. While going through the proposal, Sameer found a lot of discrepancies in it as many things were not in accordance with the norms laid by the Bank. He straight-forward returned the proposal to the branch clearly rejecting it. When Mr. Shah complained to the AGM, he also refused to interfere as he shared a great rapport with Sameer which has developed over a period of time due to sustained dedicated and efficient efforts of Sameer.

One fine day, the Deputy General Manager (DGM) of the bank, Mr. Sinha who was responsible for the banking activities in the state, invited Sameer to praise him for his sincere efforts in making significant growth in the business of the bank. The DGM of the bank had a certain target to fulfil with respective to credit sanctioned, and in that fiscal year it was yet to be achieved. During the meeting, the DGM asked for a personal favour and instructed Sameer to approve a loan proposal of his acquaintance, which would meet both...
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