Organizational Behaviour

Topics: Voting, Selection, Controversy Pages: 1 (323 words) Published: April 25, 2011
Organizational Behavior Case :

The Blue - Ribbon Committee.

Mayor Sam Small is nearing completion of his first term in office. He feels his record has been pretty good, except for the controversial issue of housing. He has been able to avoid doing anything about housing so far and feels very strongly that this issue must not come to a head before the next election. The voters are too evenly divided on the issue, and he would lose a substantial number of votes no matter what stand he took. Yet with pressure increasing from both sides, he has to do something. After much distress he thinks is an ideal solution to his dilemma. He has appointed a committee to study the problem and make some recommendations. To make sure that the committee’s work will not be completed before the election comes up it was important to pick the right people. Specifically, Sam has selected his .blue - ribbon. committee from a wide cross section of the community so that, in Sam’s words, .all concerned parties will be represented. He has made the committee very large, and the members range from PhDs in urban planning to real estate agents to local ward committee persons to minority group leaders. He has taken particular care in selecting people who have widely divergent, outspoken public views on the housing issue.

1. Do you want Sam’s strategy of using this group to delay taking a stand on the housing issue until after the election will work? Why or why not ?

2. What are some of the important dynamics of this group. Do you think the group will arrive at a good solution to the housing problems facing this city ?

3. Do you think they will suffer from group think ?

4. What types of informal roles is Sam exhibiting ? Do you think he is an effective manager ? Do you think he is effective politician? Is there a difference ?
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