Organizational Behavior: Test Bank

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Chapter 02
Job Performance

True / False Questions
Evaluating an employee's performance based on results alone gives an accurate picture of which employees are worth more to the organization.   
True    False
Job performance is formally defined as the value of the set of employee behaviors that contribute, either positively or negatively, to organizational goal accomplishment.    
True    False
Task performance includes employee behaviors that are directly involved in the transformation of organizational resources into the goods or services that the organization produces.    
True    False
Task performance is the set of explicit obligations that an employee must fulfill to receive compensation and continued employment.    
True    False
Routine task performance involves employee responses to task demands that are novel, unusual, or, at the very least, unpredictable.    
True    False
Adaptive task performance involves employee responses to task demands that are novel, unusual, or, at the very least, unpredictable.    
True    False
Creative task performance is the degree to which individuals develop ideas or physical outcomes that are both novel and useful.    
True    False
Creative task performance is an expected behavior limited to jobs such as artist and inventor.    
True    False
The first step in conducting a job analysis is to generate a list of all the activities involved in a job.    
True    False
The O*NET is an online government database that describes the results of task performance behaviors that must be reported by firms to the government on an annual basis.    
True    False
O*NET captures the "numerous small decisions" that separate the most effective organizations from their competitors.    
True    False
Creative ideas that are not implemented do not count towards positive job performance.    
True    False
Citizenship behavior is defined as voluntary employee activities that may or may not be rewarded.    
True    False
Courtesy refers to keeping coworkers informed about matters that are relevant to them.    
True    False
Sportsmanship involves maintaining a good attitude with coworkers, even when they've done something annoying or when the unit is going through tough times.    
True    False
Interpersonal citizenship behavior is not important when employees work in small groups or teams.    
True    False
Organizational citizenship behaviors benefit the larger organization by supporting and defending the company, working to improve its operations, and being especially loyal to it.    
True    False
Boosterism involves speaking up and offering constructive suggestions for change.    
True    False
Counterproductive behavior is defined as employee behaviors that unintentionally hinder organizational goal accomplishment.    
True    False
Property deviance refers to behaviors that harm the organization's assets and possessions.    
True    False
Wasting resources is the most common form of production deviance.    
True    False
Substance abuse is a form of political deviance.  
True    False
Political deviance refers to behaviors that intentionally harm the organization's assets and possessions.    
True    False
Gossiping represents communication that is rude, impolite, discourteous, and lacking in good manners.    
True    False
Personal aggression is defined as hostile verbal and physical actions directed toward other employees.    
True    False
People who engage in one form of counterproductive behavior do not usually engage in other forms.    
True    False
Sometimes the best task performers are also the employees who engage in counterproductive behavior.    
True    False
There is a positive correlation between task...
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