Organizational Behavior - Team Review and Reflection

Topics: Management, Culture, Time Pages: 3 (1253 words) Published: December 30, 2010
I have never studied such kind of courses before. My bachelor degree was related more to Law. First what I thought was Organizational Behavior class was something beyond me. In my point of view course was too complicated for me: everything in specific terminology and hard to understand. But after some time I was getting used to everything and even it was very interesting to do all work in group and have discussions on different situations everyone can face in an everyday life. So I completely changed my perception of this course. Our group has six members: 2 Thai students - Terng and Dear, 3 Indonesian students - Anthony, Antonia and Stanley and finally me – Aidar from Kazakhstan. All of us had different background and different culture, perspective and attitude. That may recognize as cross culture. Attitude and performance are the most difference, in my country, I have treated as a good audience not a good in debate or discuss, and we will keep our opinion silenced. When people are working in a team, even despite that fact that they have different cultures and the way of thinking, it leads to have the conflict sometimes between the members. But you can gain advantages from getting a good chance to learn more and get experience, learn more about people that have different culture compared to us. Moreover we will know how to adapt each team member’s opinion and try to share with our experiences. We did not form our group by our own wishes. It was done our professor Dr Shmin Liu. So we did not know each other at the very beginning. At the first meeting, we shared about our experience and our background such as where we came from, our bachelor degree and whether we had experience in any job and etc. In fact we had different knowledge and background but we tried to adapt and to know each other closer because we would have to work as a team. The main important thing was to communicate what helped our group pass the assignment successfully. In the second meeting, we...
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